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Why do we have a Proposition 65 Warning on our Snappy Ginger Cookies?

California Prop 65 is California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Companies are required to place a warning label on any product they sell within the state of California if it exceeds the level that the State has established as risk free for a list of over eight hundred chemicals including some naturally occurring chemicals during the baking process such as acrylamide, which is a naturally occurring chemical formed in the baking process of some baked, fried and roasted foods.

Plant-based foods that are rich in carbohydrates can form acrylamide when baked, fried or roasted – whether they are cooked at home, in restaurants or by commercial food processors and manufacturers. French fries, potato chips, other fried and baked snack foods, coffee, roasted grain-based coffee substitutes, roasted asparagus, canned sweet potatoes and pumpkin, canned black olives, roasted nuts, prune juice, breakfast cereals, crackers, cookies, breads, and toast all may contain varying amounts of acrylamide. Due to the interpretation of risk as outlined by the State of California, we are required to provide this warning for this product in accordance with state law.

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These taste amazing. These are whole, large, dried apricots double dipped in chocolate. A very special treat.

- Amie