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Our Story


The Torn Ranch Story

We admit it. We’re foodies. Which isn’t too surprising, considering the culinary attractions of the Napa-Sonoma wine country we call home.

We love creating exceptional taste experiences. Serving up worthy indulgences and healthier snacks that mix the familiar with the unexpected, for culinary surprises you’ll want to savor and share.

Of course it all starts with fresh, premium ingredients. We strive to offer Organic and Natural options. Ethically sourced from crops that are non-GMO, and that we believe will help support the honey bee populations critical to agriculture and our environment.

We’re not talking about simple snacks. We’re talking about real food, made by real people, with a real passion for what we do. We invite you to taste the bounty of Torn Ranch for yourself.

  • Chocolates and confections crafted with layers of flavor, for a beginning, middle and finish that tempt your palate like a fine wine.
  • Nuts selected from prime sources for superior taste and size, then slowly roasted in-house to bring their flavors to perfection.
  • Dried fruit picked from the best crops and prepared by experts to preserve its rich textures and deep authentic flavors without artificially adding sugars.
  • Homemade cookies from the prized recipes of award-winning chefs, handcrafted in small batches from generous helpings of locally sourced butter, plus eggs and locally milled Organic flour.

Enjoy and welcome to Torn Ranch.


Why Bees are Important to our Planet

honeycombBees are responsible for pollinating about 400 different agricultural types of plants.

Without help from honey bees, our food supply would be significantly reduced – at least one third of our staples we enjoy would no longer be available.

A few examples of the foods that would no longer be available to us if bees stopped pollinating our agricultural goods are: blueberries, almonds, apples, cranberries, cherries, watermelons, cantaloupes and cucumbers.

By keeping flowers pollinated, bees perpetuate floral growth and provide attractive habitats for other animals such as insects and birds.

Bees are among the most important animals to humans on Earth. The humble honey bees deserve a big thanks for helping provide us with wonderful fruits and vegetables, delicious honey, and beautiful, flowery gardens!

We are making conscious sourcing decisions to use ingredients that are in the best interest of sustaining the honey bee.

These taste amazing. These are whole, large, dried apricots double dipped in chocolate. A very special treat.

- Amie