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Unique Luxury Gifts


Unique Luxury Gifts


Three Tier Cadeau

An Elegant Suite of Hand Crafted Boxes - Each Filled with Unique Offerings

Top: 2 Milk Truffles, 2 Dark Truffles(finished with edible 24k Gold Leaf)

Center: S'mores, Gift Box of 8 S'mores individually wrapped for sharing

Base: Torn Ranch Rose, Freestone Peaches, Bartlett Pears, Jumbo Almonds, Jumbo Cashews, Smoked Almonds, Apricots, Plums, Pistachios

#1178-J | 42.75 oz.


Reserve Tasting

A Showcase of Our Most Popular Epicurean Selections in a Keepsake Box

Jumbo Cashews, Smoky Almonds, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate All Berries Mix, Port Wine Truffles, Champaigne Wine Disks, Chardonnay Wine Disks, Cabernet Wine Disks, Port Wine Disks

# 824-J | 28 oz


Simply Put A Gift for Any Occasion

Java Truffles, Port Wine Disks, Chocolate All Nuts Mix, Chocolate All Berries Mix, Jumbo Almonds, Jumbo Cashews

#1782-J | 21oz.


Torn Ranch Rose

A Grand Welcome Gift for Any Event

An Array of Our Exclusive Dried Fruits and Nuts: Bartlett Pears, Freestone Peaches, Apricots, Plums, Jumbo Almonds, Hawaiian Macadamias, Smoked Almonds, Jumbo Cashews

#705-SM-J | 32 oz



Exquisite Offerings for a Party Or Impromtu Meeting

Colossal Pistacios, Turkish Apricots, Fancy Dried Fruits, Berry Blossom Mix

271-J | 33 oz.


Pome Frais

An All Natural Selection of Fruit Gel's Made with the Purest Fruit Purees

Rasberry, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry

#1785-J | 8oz.


Wine Truffles

An Unparalleled Gourmet Offering, A Gift for the Wine Connoisseur or Yourself

Our Signature Chocolate, Premium Winers: Chardonnay, Cabernet, Port, Champagne

#1789-J | 8oz.


Sea Salt Caramels

For A Special Friend or Associate, A Gourmet Delight Sure to Please

Our Signature Burnt Caramel, Drenched in Premium Dark Chocolate, Dressed with French Sea Salt

#311-J | 13.5oz


Snappy Ginger Cookies

A Favorite of Past Generations, Still a Favorite Today!

Our Natural Ginger Cookies

# 912-J | 8oz


Chocolate Oranges and Peels

Flavorful Oranges and Peels With Dark Chocolate

Orange Slices and Orange Peels Dipped in Our Signature Dark Chocolate

#1800-J | 10oz.


Chocolate Glazed Apricots

Double Dipped Fresh Apricots

Whole California Apricots, Dipped in Milk Chocolate, Dipped in Dark Chocolate, Each individually wrapped in Gold Foil

#469-J | 21oz.


Mint Melange

Quite Possibly... The Best Mint Ever

Rich Dark Chocolate, Layered with Pure White Chocolate, Striped With Mint Green

#672-J | 4oz



Like S'Mores? May as Well Enjoy the Best

12 S'mores Individually Wrapped, Encased in Our Black Linen Box

#1177-J | 10.5oz


Letters Home

For A Moment Forget the Email, Text, Voicemail, Send a Warm Messege

Our Letters Home: A Dozen Notecards/Envelopes, Jumbo Cashews, Java Truffles, Milk Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Bar

#823-J | 8.5oz

Executive Briefcase

An Elegant Presentation, A Selection of Our Finest Offerings

Jumbo Cashews, Jumbo Almonds, Chocolate Cherries, Chocolate All Berries Mix, Oatmeal Currant Cookies, Double Dipped Hawaiian Macadamias, Sea Salt Caramels, Chili Pepper Chocolates, Lemon Pome Frais, Orange Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Capuccino Bar

#425-J | 36oz.